Have you ever dreamed of owning a racing greyhound? Well, now you can!

At D&D Greyhounds, we can help new owners experience the fun and excitement of owning their own greyhound. D&D Greyhounds was formed to help first time owners, and those with limited resources, experience the thrills of greyhound racing.

An average track ready litter of 8 would cost around $20,000, which might be too much money for one person to invest. That's why at D&D Greyhounds we offer top quality greyhounds at affordable prices, so you get the most out of your investment while enjoying the sport of greyhound racing.

At D&D Greyhounds you can purchase just one greyhound for as low as $3,200 and receive, at no extra cost, our full management support. Monthly payments are as low as $205, so owning a greyhound is very affordable. We offer monthly payment plans with no interest.

Meet the D&D Greyhound Team

D&D Greyhound is managed by Doug Demers and John Dalton. Doug manages the sales and accounting aspects of the business and handles all publicity and advertisement. He maintains close contact with new owners to inform them of their greyhounds progress. This involves corresponding with the farmers raising the pups, the dog haulers and the racetrack kennels. Doug has been in the greyhound business for 10 years.

Both John and Doug make frequent visits to several farms across the United States. They feel it is important to keep in touch with how the puppies are progressing.

For several years, the Dalton name has been well known for producing some of the best greyhounds in the industry. From owning and managing farms in Ireland to managing kennels at prominent race tracks around the United States. John Dalton has many years of experience in every aspect of greyhound racing from raising and feeding a day old pup, to preparing future champions for the race track. John has been training greyhounds for many years and knows what it takes to be successful in the business.

Over the years the Dalton's have owned some of the top stud dogs here in the US and in Ireland. They have also won many stake races with their own superstars such as: TIPP LAD* and FORTRESS*. They raced Hall of Fame Inductee K'S FLAK, and Rural Rube award winning K'S BROADWAY to major stakes finishes, earning them the reputation in the greyhound industry as one of the best for producing top quality greyhounds. John is currently training his kennel at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque, TX. The Dalton Kennel also has a booking at Lincoln Greyhound Park in Lincoln, RI.

Full Service Management

You want to own a greyhound but don't know how to get started. Well, at D&D Greyhounds we offer a full service program to help you get started. We will guide you in the important decisions necessary to attain a successful racing greyhound. In greyhound racing there are no guarantees. To increase your chances of having a successful litter, you should "breed the best to the best and hope for the best".

At D&D Greyhounds we only breed to top grade females using the leading stud dogs. All of our pups are raised and trained on quality farms. We provide pictures of your pup, plus guide you through all the necessary paperwork to register your dog with the National Greyhound Association.

During your pup's training period (from 12-17 months old) we will closely monitor its progress in collaboration with the farmer raising it. After your dog has completed its training, we will consult with the farmer and determine its racing ability. Then, depending on your wishes, we will match your pup to a track and kennel which can get the best performance from your greyhound.

We will then negotiate a lease for you with the kennel owner. Again, we provide the necessary paperwork for applying for your racing license and then we arrange the greyhound's transportation to the track. We continue to monitor the performance of your pup and once again invite you to call us for updates, if you don't live near the track. Remember, we are always available to answer your questions.

For the past two years, D&D Greyhounds has been successfully selling greyhounds through the internet. At D&D we only offer a few litters for sale at a time because our goal is to produce quality litters not quantity. D&D uses only the top stud dogs.

We realize that this is an easy proclamation especially to someone who is new to dog racing and wouldn't know who the top studs are. Therefore, we have provided some factual information for those with questions ..... The National Greyhound Association keeps statistics on who the leading stud dogs are, based on the number of wins their sons and daughters produce at major racetracks. These Sire standings are available on the NGA homepage

We invite you to check out where the stud dogs that we use are in the standings and then compare the caliber of studs we use to what other sellers have to offer. It does cost us more to breed to these sires but it is a small price to pay to get champion greyhounds.

When investigating the females breeding capability, your first few questions should be: "What type of pups has this female produced?" "Is she well bred?" And if she doesn't have any pups at the track yet, you should closely examine her racing career, for instance: "Did she race in a top grade?" If someone is only describing the stud dog's capability and not much mention of the mother, this will be trouble because the breeding process starts with the female!!!!

Special Announcement

Some good news for our clients. As you all know injuries, and a dog that's too slow, are part of the game. We have been trying to think of a way to "insure" people against this risk. We realize one may have all hopes in 1 or 2 pups, and a wipeout would be devastating. So here is what we are willing to offer. If your pup suffers a permanent disabling injury while at the farm (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY INJURY AT THE RACETRACK) or your pup is considered unfit for racing (too slow, not interested in racing) by the farmer raising them, I will give you two options. $500 cash back ($250 on 50% ownership) or $750 credit toward a future purchase from D&D Greyhounds ($375 on 50% ownership).

Example...You buy one greyhound and injury prevents him from going to the racetrack. You now choose $500 cash or $750 credit toward a future purchase. ITS YOUR CHOICE.

What to do next?

If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to telephone us at: (978) 521-4883 or e-mail us at:


If you need more time, don't feel pressured. We will always have greyhounds for sale. No one should ever feel pressured into a purchase of any kind.

If you feel greyhound ownership sounds like an exciting experience and you are ready to purchase, please look over our current inventory list.

If you are ready to join the exciting sport of greyhound racing, contact us so we can confirm your choice(s) and set up a payment schedule. We will send you our standard purchasing contract to sign and return with your down payment.

Doug Demers
212 Seven Star Road
Groveland, MA 01834
(978) 521-4883


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